Execellence in side-projects

Person working on laptop

Working on side-projects is one of the most effictive ways to improve your software skills. Sometimes the projects are just quick proof-of-concepts, but they can also be a way to tinker with full stacks that you don’t normally get to work with. One difficulty is that most how-to content focuses on a very specific part of the stack and less on how all the pieces fit together. For example, you might find articles on how to setup a build system or use a templating engine, but not how those pieces fit into a bigger project.

The goal of this site is to create how-to content with the context of how to fit each part together. Each article will focus on a specific goal, but will link it into a bigger project to show where it fits in the big picture. Then you can take all these building blocks and use them as a foundation for an even better project, while hopefully picking up some new information along the way.


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